Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frederick Benjamin Grooming Offers Men Tools to Evoke Confidence and Success

by Charles D. Springfield

Michael James, founder of FREDERICK BENJAMIN grooming and long-time personal care products executive, knows all too well what a difference a good first-time impression can make.

FREDERICK BENJAMIN grooming products

But when he launched his multicultural men’s hair care line – in the beginning of the economic downturn – it soon became evident that projecting confidence and a having a polished appearance was going to be even more essential for job seekers and those looking to maintain their employment. As a result, James focused on creating a line of products that were simple and natural enough to tap into a man’s confidence while helping him stand out in a crowd.

“Now more than ever, a polished appearance is critical,” James said. “With the national unemployment rate hovering around 9.4 percent, so many men are in a highly competitive job market, jockeying for a limited number of jobs. We wanted to leverage our grooming products to help them thrive by allowing them to feel clean, comfortable and confident in order help them be successful.”

Designed for the multicultural man, it was crucial that the product line be free of scalp irritants such as alcohols, synthetic fragrances, petrolatum and mineral oils. Instead, the premium grooming products fused an effective balance of 100 percent active natural oils of spearmint, clove, nettle and hemp seed. Those ingredients allowed the line to be lightweight, grease-free and hydrating with a natural fragrance. These were all attributes that James found painfully missing in the array of products he once used.

The three-step FREDERICK BENJAMIN grooming line provides the essential tools needed for men with multi-textured hair.

The Invigorating Cleanser uses gentle cleansing agents to detoxify the scalp and hair without stripping.

  •  Generates a hearty lather
  • Rinses excess oil, sweat and build-up
  • Tingles the scalp and unclogs pores
  • Relieves itching and flaking
The Invigorating Moisturize features rich conditioners that replenish moisture to restore softness and elasticity.

  • Combats dry scalp and hair
  • Restores softness and shine
  • Detangles for increased manageability
The Daily Hydrator/Leave-in Conditioner is a light-weight styling crème that defines, adds texture and prevents dry scalp.


Michael James, founder
Named in honor of James’ entrepreneurial grandfather who epitomized 1940’s style and grace, the company’s ultimate goal is to help men upgrade their appearance and attitude by getting in tune with their natural, inner gentleman through its products and services. James wants men to live handsome and successful lives, while honoring an era when men were always very well groomed.

FREDERICK BENJAMIN and today's modern gentlemen both share the same concern for personal appearance and perfection in their choice of grooming products to help honor and promote their individual style. Born out of the desire to find products that are not excessively drying, overly-fragranced and /or greasy and heavy; the company has set out to create a premium grooming line that fuses the power of natural ingredients with the art of science, all while honoring the elements of style that are reminiscent of an era when men were always well groomed.

FREDERICK BENJAMIN products each retail for $12.For information on the grooming line, visit http://www.frederickbenjamin.com/, become fans on Facebook and follow on FredBGrooming on Twitter.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Frederick Benjamin is/was a client of The Lifestylings of Charles Springfield

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