Wednesday, March 2, 2011


If you’re reading this, that means I finally got my sh@# together, conquered my procrastination issues and cleared my head enough of its recent fogginess to RE-LAUNCH Charles Springfield: Maneuvering Life With Style BLOG.

Thanks for your patience. It is way past time for me to get back into this. Last year, I thought I would take a summer holiday like most New Yorkers do, but a series of fortunate and unfortunate events seemed to get in the way.

I won’t give too many details away right now. I do want you to continue to read my blog on a regular basis. But I’ll give you some hints: there have been a lot of ups and downs and MAJOR drama. Plus I’m just one month shy of my one year anniversary in New York City. I know! Time flies. I almost wouldn’t believe it either if it weren’t for the numerous times I’ve moved residences within the city in a short amount of time, the amazing new friends I’ve met, my new frenemies (some of whom desperately cling to a celebrity-type status), the initial strong growth and then lack of growth my business has occurred, my massively increased knowledge of wine and wine tasting and the series of heartbreaks I’ve experienced within the last 11 months.

Basically the unintended hiatus has come to this: I’ve been distracted and detached from my true loves -- writing and being true to myself. I have so many new stories to tell – mine and others. And, unfortunately, I’ve been in my own way to write these things down to help me analyze this life, learn from this life and move on from the various experiences – positive and negative – of this life.

So, stay tuned for some real, candid and juicy stories about me and other interesting people I’ve met along in NYC the way trying to maneuver this first year of New York City life with style.

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 à bientôt!

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  1. Che bello blog...bravo!! Charles is back in Charge! xx bacio