Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maneuvering Life with Style

by Charles Dion Springfield

If you’re reading this, that means I finally got my sh** together and officially launched my first blog. Hi mom! I’ve decided to call it “Charles Springfield: Maneuvering Life with Style.” But I’m not trying to be Oprah, nor will it be ALL ABOUT me like Eve Harrington.

At this time in my life there is a flurry of change taking place. After years and years of hoping and wishing and praying to move to New York City, I forced it to happen this year. With the recent move enters a whole slew of changes, adventures, misadventures, challenges, successes, failures, romances, heartbreaks and everything else in between. But the underlining goal of my life is to face every challenge in a certain manner that is uniquely Charles Springfield and, regardless of the situation, maneuver this life of mine with style.

Since I began my professional career as a print journalist, I thought it would only be fitting to chronicle my experiences through narrative-styled perspective articles/essays via this ever growing phenomenon known as blogging. And to use my journalism background to round out the blog with news and feature stories that analyze my new life in New York City, highlight my love affair with fashion, offer my insights on bringing one’s personal style to the surface, showcase my fascination with finding the perfect cocktail, glass of wine or dinning option (recipe or restaurant) and selecting the right people to allow in one’s life.

While the blog will revolve around my perspective and approach, my goal is that the content and experiences published in this blog will be universal and relatable regardless of age, gender, race, political views, sexual preferences and spiritual/religious beliefs. You may not have had the same exact experience that I will write about, but I’m hopeful there are several parallels in your own life that can be drawn from the stories I publish. And through reader comments and other marvelous social media platforms like Facebook (group page: Maneuvering Life with Style) and Twitter (follow me @thelifestylings), I hope to make this particular blog engaging, entertaining, informative and meaningful for readers as well as for myself.

So please join me on my journey. Who knows! Maybe this little blog of mine will one day inspire the community at large to make a concerted effort to maneuver each and everyone one of our lives with style – together in our own unique way.


  1. Hi Charles, love love love your blog. I am so excited to finally read a blog posted by someone I actually know. I am currently reading several blogs #1 is snak snak - a blog about my favorite thing in the world - snacks!!! I will be moving you to the #1 blog in my life!!! Congrats!!! Sylvia :-)

  2. Hi Charles!!! I love love love your blog. I read blogs during my downtime at work (all day) and it is so nice to actually read a blog from someone I actually know. I am so proud of you!!! Congrats!!! Sylvia

  3. good luck with everything mr. springfield...i have faith in you:)